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During the development an application developper may want to change the name of a Dbat specification, but he may be unable or unwilling to change all references to the old name immediately. In such cases, the old specification file may be replaced by a so-called redirection file.

The redirection file has the former name of the specification, with .redir appended. It contains only one line with 3 parameters:

  • The optional wait time is in seconds, typical values are 3 (the default) or 0.
  • The optional language is the 2-letter code like en, de ... for the message which appears during the wait time (it that is greater zero). If that parameter is missing, the language is taken from the &lang="..." parameter of the Http request, and if that is missing too, en is assumed.
  • The target-spec is the new name of the specification file (without .xml, which is loaded and interpreted after the wait time (if it exists).

Technically the redirection is accomplished by an HTML head element of the form

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3; URL=/dbat/servlet?spec=test/selec01" />