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10 achteckige Schachteln aus modularem Origami

Markup language, browser plugin and model library for Origami paper models

Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture.

Folding instructions for Origami models are sometimes difficult to understand:

  • With schematic drawings on paper, you cannot properly show 3-dimensionality.
  • With photographs, you need a lot of images.
  • With videos, you cannot easily stop / slacken / reverse the movie.
  • Teachers may not be available, or they know only a few models.

Desired is a simple description (markup) language for the elementary Origami folding steps. The instructions composed from the elements of this language will be played by a browser plugin (or - preferrably - JavaScript). Features:

  • Paper painting for front and rear can be selected
  • Models can be turned in 3D in arbitrary directions
  • Single step, automatic play with variable speed, in reverse direction also

With origami, an angle can be trisected!

Interesting Models and Instructions

Evangelisches Rettungsschiff