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XmlnsXref - Cross-Reference of XML Namespace URIs and their Prefixes in a Set of XML Files

Even very subtle differences in the namespace URIs of XML documents, schemata and stylesheets lead almost inevitably to bad results (when namespaces are evaluated at all). Often it is difficult to track namespace URI modifications in a set of related XML files. XmlnsXref takes several files (on the commandline) or a ZIP file collection (in the web interface) and shows a sorted crossreference list. For each namespace URI the files are shown where the URI occurs, optionally with the prefix used for that namespace URI.


  • -e enc source file encoding, default: UTF-8
  • -p show namespace prefixes
  • -zip input file is zip archive


(missing URI)
(default): pacs8.xml
sept: gfis2906.xml
sept: pacs8.xml
(default): test2906.xml
S2SCTIcf: gfis2906.xml
S2SCTIcf: pacs8.xml
S2SCTIcf: test2906.xml
sw8: pacs8.xml
(default): gfis2906.xml
sw8: test2906.xml