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CheckDig implements a series of algorithm for check digit calculation. Check digits are used to prevent mistyping of numerical data. They are additional digits which are inserted into the original number such that an algorithm can compute whether the entire number fulfills a condition.

Commandline usage

java org.teherba.checkdig.DigitChecker [-f filename] [-m html]
            -account <German Account Number> -blz <German BLZ>
            -ean     <EAN-13 or EAN-8>
            -iban    <IBAN>
            -isbn    <ISBN-13 or ISBN-10>
            -isin    <ISIN>
            -ismn    <ISMN-13 or ISMN-10>
            -issn    <ISSN>
            -pnd     <PND>
            -taxid   <German Tax Identification Number>
            -uci     <SEPA Unique Creditor Id>
            -vatid   <VAT-Id Number>