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The following list show the mapping of the modules in the PL/1 system to JExtra Java classes:

ALONG       Item.shiftToEOP
ASSERT     info
BLODAT     storage - init
CLEARE     Table.purgeItems
DIRECT     storage
EMITT      ?
EXTRA      ?
GRAMAR     ProtoParser
INFOUT     info
  ITEFRE   State.removeItem(item)
  ITEACT   Item.action
ITEINS     State.addItem(item) + State.hasMarkedSymbol(symbol)
LAGET      Table.getLookAheadSymbols
  LAGAR        Table.purgeLokkAheadSymbols
  LAPUT        Table.putLookAheadSymbols
LILINK     ?
LINEXT     LineReader
LRDUMP     info, output parser table
LROPEN     ?
  LRCLOS   not used
  LRINIT   not used
  LRAXIO   not used
OUTSTA     ?
PARASK     Parm
PARSER     Parser
PREINS     State.addPredecessor(state)
  PREDEL   State.removePredecessor(state)
PREPAR     ?
PROCHA     Production.add .remove
PUTCON     info on conflicts
PUTSYM     ?
REORG      ?
SCAN       Scanner
SEMANT     z.T. in SemAction
SEMARI     ?
SEMCLO     ?
SEMWRI     ?
SEPANT     ?
SEPUSH     (State|Symbol)Queue.push
  SETFRE   (State|Symbol)Queue.clear
SPAINI     ?
SPEMAP     SymbolList.mapSpecial
STAALL     Table.allocate
  STAFRE     ?
STACLO     State.addClosure
STAGAR     Table.purgeStates
STASEA     ?
STASUC     Table.determineSuccessorStates?
SYMINS     Table.insertSymbols
  staclh   closeSymbolQueue
SYMNUM     Symbol
TARPUT     ?
TRACCU     ?
TRAFOR     ?
TRAOUT     ?
TRAPEN     ?
TREGET     ?
TREXPA     ?
ZZCC       java.lang
ZZTC       java.lang
ZZWC		java.lang