Java Training Course

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Welcome to the Java Training Course at Inhalation of some Java coffee will definitely help you in the following sessions, which are all described in separate pages. The corresponding discussion pages show the solutions and additional explanations.

Online Java Interactive Development Environment

In the beginning, we can use the free Online Java IDE to compile and run Java programs. Simply write the Java program with the text editor of your choice (Notepad on Windows, (g)vim on Linux), paste the code into the Online IDE window, enter commandline arguments, and press the button Compile & Execute. After a few seconds, you will see the output of the Java compiler and - if the compilation was successful - of the program execution.

There is a comparision of such online Java compilers, among them:


A more conventional setup is to develop on a personal workstation with a Java SDK.

  • JT01 Installation of the Java SDK
  • JT02 "Hello, World!"

Elementary Java Programming

  • JT03 Main Arguments and String Concatenation
  • JT04 Integer Arithmetic
  • JT05 Control Structures: The Greatest Common Divisor Algorithm
  • JT06 Preliminary Class Ratio
  • JT07 Class Rational

Example Programs

Java Language Keywords