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Say "Hello, World!"

In order to get a minimal aquaintance with a programming language, it is common use to write a very small program which only says "Hello, World!". This cult came up in 1978 with the C programming language. In many languages such a program will fit on a single line, but it is astonishing how many lines are needed for example in COBOL. There is a lot of further reading with examples in 566 programming languages and dialects.

This session is very simple, but it gives you a confidence that you are already able to program in Java.

  1. Google a typical "Hello, World!" program written in the Java programming language.
  2. Save it in a file in the working directory which you created in JT01.
  3. Google the instructions how to compile and run it on the commandline.
  4. Bonus task: Write and run the same "Hello, World!" program in some other programmung language(s) of your choice (Pascal, Visual BASIC, Perl, Python etc.)

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