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Jump to: navigation, search is the home of a collection of applications written in Java:

  • BasDeTok - De-tokenizer for binary files from several BASIC dialects
  • CheckDig - Implementation of check digit algorithms
  • ChurchCal - Church calendar with easter calculation
  • Common - Classes and methods needed by several applications
  • Dbat - Database Application Tool and generator
  • FloDskIm - Reading of file systems on floppy disk images
  • GramWord - Recognition of words in natural languages (mainly German)
  • JExtra - Extensible parser generator and translator
  • NumWord - Enumeration of words related to numbers in various natural languages
  • Putrans - Converters for legacy text processing systems
  • RaMath - Rational and symbolic mathematics
  • Xtool - Tools for XML and XML Schemas
  • Xtrans - Conversion between XML and various non-XML data formats

See also and an explanation of the name Teherba.

How To

  • Installation Guide for prerequisite softwawre components (Java, Tomcat, MySQL ...)
  • Dependencies - which project needs which library jars (from and
  • Build Process - how to generate and compile the source files, and how to build the JAR, WAR and EAR file for each application
  • Tips and Tricks for various problems


Some projects on this site are desired, planned or in an early stage:


This site is mainly read-only. If you would like to contribute, please write to dr dot georg dot fischer at gmail dot com.

Technical help and hints for this site can be found at Getting started.