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Raspberry Pi with SD memory card

Toolbox for Seqfans (OEIS users)

The Seqbox is a little device that makes it possible to run OEIS programs and generate sequence terms.

The hardware is a Raspberry Pi running under Raspbian, a variant of Debian Linux, pictured on the right. It has the dimensions of a cigarette box and consumes about 5 W. The software is preconfigured on a tiny SD memory card (on the bottom) with the dimensions of a finger nail. The box is connected to the local network via LAN or WLAN. It needs neither a screen nor a keyboard, though both can be attached for diagnostic purposes.

The preconfigured software of the Seqbox offers three main usage scenarios:

  • Generation of sequences by the programs stored in or associated with the OEIS via a uniform HTML interface, accessed from the user's browser. The available programs are written in:
  • Interactive use of the packages mentioned above, via Jupyter notebooks
  • Tools for frequent generation and transformation tasks like linear recurrences, Euler transforms
  • A standard Unix terminal window with a commandline and a number of Unix tools and languages that are sometimes used in the OEIS, for example:
    • Perl, (g)awk, bc, C, C++, Python, GP/PARI, wolfram

Getting started